Clear or silver braces (fixed appliances)

At Orthodontics Exclusively, we offer the finest porcelain braces for adult treatments. Our fixed braces are more discreet than conventional braces and are especially well-suited for adults who desire the most efficient and effective orthodontic treatment without the conspicuous visual intrusion associated with traditional metal braces.

Fixed braces are a proven and trusted treatment offering the finest degree of control of tooth movement; and as such, they remain a stable of orthodontic care. We, at Orthodontics Exclusively, understand that fixed braces alter your smile before they improve it. That is why we favour porcelain or clear material alternatives to the classic metal look we’ve come to know over the years.

“Clear or silver coloured braces can be advantageous as they offer the effectiveness of traditional braces; however the brackets are considerably more discreet.”

Enquire in clinic today about your orthodontic treatment options and find out if clear or silver fixed braces are right for you.

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